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Beast Wars Original Sealed Collection for sale at BotCon 2016

Optimus Primal Transmetals
Megatron Optimal Optimus
Depth Charge manta ray
Rampage king crab
Scorponok Mega
Inferno Optimus Primal Mega
Inferno Has been Opened Megatron Mega Purple
Transquito Sealed unoped - tape loose Megatron Mega Light Purple
Polar Claw Scavenger ant x3
Tarantulas Rocky bubble Airazor Deluxe
Tarantulas Smooth Bubble Rattrap
Waspinator Rocky bubble Rattrap Fox Kids
Blackarachnia Rhinox
Cheetor Rhinox Fox Kids
Rhinox Cheetor
Dinobot Cheetor Fox Kids
Wolfang Dinobot Fox Kids
Tigatron Waspinator Fox Kids
Bonecrusher Buffalo, bubble dent
Cybershark hammerhead
Manterror mantis TM2 Megatron Dragon
Retrax Tigerhawk
Cybershark Mega
Prowl Deluxe Owl
Rattrap Jawbreaker Hyena
Drill Bit Scourge Locust
Insecticon Stinkbomb Basic
Razorbeast rocky bubble Spittor
Iguanus rocky bubble
Terrorsaur rocky bubble TMII Sonar
Optimus Minor
Airazor with movie Fuzors
Razorclaw crab with movie Silverbolt
Torca x2
Sky Shadow
Visser Three

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Transformers Beast Wars Transmetals Optimus Primal Complete  For SaleTransformers Beast Wars Transmetals Optimus Primal Complete
Price: $85.00
    Shipping: Free     From Terre Haute,IN,USA   47803
Category: Transformers & Robots
Transformers Beast Wars Scarem Complete  For SaleTransformers Beast Wars Scarem Complete
Price: $10.00
    Shipping: Free     From Terre Haute,IN,USA   47803
Category: Transformers & Robots

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